About Bob Arcana

I am good at answering questions. Why? It's not because I've been studying magic and hypnosis since I was a child. (And I have.) And it's not because I'm well-versed in psychology and writing. (Which I am.) Or because what I do has been compared to psychic mind-reading telepathic intuition (Which is also true.)

It's because of The Hitchhiker Effect.

When I was younger I used to stay up late at night, reading or watching TV or doing homework that I should have done earlier. Since I couldn't wake up in the morning, I would miss the school bus and have to hitchhike to school. I discovered hitchhiking was fun. Soon I was missing the bus on purpose.

When I got older, I hitchhiked around and across the country. I discovered that I must have had (or at least I used to have) an honest face, and people from all walks of life would pick me up and, as they'd say in the South (which I'm not from), we'd a get to talkin'. And when I talked to all sorts of people, they would tell me the most personal things about their life, and when they dropped me off, they said they felt better having talked to me.

That's what I call The Hitchhiker Effect, where an encounter with someone who at first doesn't seem to know you very well can have a great effect on you. Kind of like a proctologist.

And I will do that for you. (Answering your questions, not the other part.)

I answer questions both in writing and by giving performances / demonstrations where people write their personal questions down and I answer them.

If you have any questions about this, send me an email>>

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