The Golden Wheel Fortune Teller

This is a detail from a vintage hand-colored illustration 
in "Fontaine's Golden Wheel Dream Book and 
Fortune-Teller", written in 1862.

The book explained various ways of answering questions about the future using cards, dice, dominoes, palmistry, tea leaves, coffee grounds and more. To use this diagram, you turned over the page and pricked the paper at random with a pin, and if it poked through a number, you consulted a numbered chart which told your fortune.

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Read the entire book yourself, for free: The golden wheel dream-book and fortune-teller : being the most complete work on fortune-telling and interpreting dreams ever printed, containing an alphabetical list of dreams, with their interpretation, and the lucky numbers they signify; also explaining how to tell fortunes by the mysterious golden wheel... (1862), The Internet Archive>>


  1. Its been a long time since i seen a wheel like this for a fortune teller cause most of the time i seen tarot card which i experience last time in Finland country.Lucky i am to seen this one again.

  2. I am building a wheel of fortune right now, inspired by some of these. But I need to know more about the way to use it. Can you recommend